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Paris via Wakefield

French people are fancy. They speak a fancy language and they eat fancy cake. The Macaron is the height of French fanciness because they get to do both fancy things at the same time. I’m from Yorkshire. I wasn’t very fancy. I am now.

Yorkshire girl’s Macarons (adapted from Pierre HermĂ©)

600g Tant pour Tant
(equal mix of confectioners sugar & finely ground almond flour)
300g caster sugar
8 egg whites
Gel food colour

Blatantly ignore nut job Pierre and don’t age your egg whites for 5 days. Just chuck them straight from the fridge in the mixer with all the caster sugar (forget the stage by stage thing) and make a stiff peak French meringue.

Add colour & flavouring to meringue and mix. Be good at really hard maths if you want more than one colour.

Macaronage (stir precisely 50 times: count them, fool) the shit out of the Tant pour Tant and the meringue.

Pipe endless rows of perfect circles onto baking paper and leave to rest for at least one hour or until skin forms on top.

Bake at 150 degrees for exactly 14 minutes turning tray, and burning hand, at exactly seven minutes.

Leave to cool on tray for a few minutes, then reduce life expectancy by 5 years trying to get them all off in one piece.

Leave overnight then fill next day with ganache (google it).

Et voilĂ . You are now French. And fancy.



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