New Zamir science coming your way. I am now convinced that Spotify can be used to diagnose mental health issues.

I have always had a sneaky suspicion that I was a bit obsessive compulsive but it’s fair to say that I am now being confronted by the full horror of my affliction via my Spotify playlists.

Just like the time I spent a whole day organising my book shelves by colour, I’m now fully obsessed with organising every song I’ve ever heard into random categories such as ‘rain’, ‘vices’ or ‘items of clothing’ (ok, that last one is made up).

I actually think I’m being really clever but I have a nagging doubt that this is a slippery slope into repetitive hand washing and mentalist light switching, as I try to fit every single song in the world into its rightful list.

In fact, I’m now leaving this page to go off and start the ‘items of clothing’ playlist because, people, that is actually a very very good idea.



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