Sod’s law =16 Comments when you don’t post

Apologies for my absence. No excuses, just a combination of pure idleness, very little time and a total lack of imagination.
Anyway to save my time and yours here’s a list of things I’ve done since I last got my lazy arse on the computer.

Got a new nephew (hello Ethan)
Went to Thailand (it sucks)
Met my niece Tia, the sweetest child on the planet (Buck your ideas up B Girl)
Re-decorated the living room (it rocks)
Made numerous cakes (all chocolate)
Watched 396 hours of English television
Met my new best mate (hello Chloe)
Become a Buddhist (albeit a swearing, meat eating, spider killing Buddhist)



16 thoughts on “Sod’s law =16 Comments when you don’t post

  1. sognatrice says:

    Woohoo! She’s alive! I’m sure you know of the Expats posts wondering if everything is OK; glad to hear you’ve been using your time away from the blog wisely (I’m speaking mainly of the chocolate cakes and English television, but the Buddhism thing is cool too).

  2. Let’s see how many comments you get now that you’re back…hopefully more, and thus positive reinforcement. Welcome back! More pictures of your cakes!!!

  3. Carole B. says:

    Don’t care where you’ve been!Don’t care what you’ve been doing!DO care that you’re safe and well and back with us – at last!!!!Give that ‘Sweet Pea’ a big cuddle for me….

  4. Kelly says:

    yael -pls. send me an email so I can write to you.thxkellytree(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Maybe you feel lucky that two expat ladies couldn’t find you, but also know that we really really wanted to. I PAID for internet access in the effort, in a sweet little city called Martina Franca– a place to see.

  6. Gil says:

    Sure is good to see you posting again and to know you are okay.

  7. J.Doe says:

    Glad you’re back.

  8. Kataroma says:

    Welcome back!Thailand sucked???

  9. Delina says:

    Hoorah! Welcome back to blog world! You have been busy I see. What was wrong with Thailand?

  10. Yael says:

    I’ve only got three things to say about Thailand…diarrhea, prostitution and orange tap water.

  11. Viaggiatore says:

    Yael: welcome back!! You’ve definitely been missed!! Having gone through a blog-hiatus recently myself, I know exactly how freeing that is… more time for chocolate cakes and spider-killing buddhism (do tell more!) Cheers, Viaggiatore (blogging again now at

  12. Tracie B. says:

    hey there yael! don’t be temtped to go missing on us again, young lady, 16 comments in 2 months is not an average to brag about 😉

  13. em says:

    hey! where’s my cake porn!

  14. Hey sweet cheeks, welcome back from lalaland to lalaland…it’s the ride that counts. Ginge

  15. ria says:

    I have just come across your blog and how refreshing for me! I am a canadian stuck in the mountains one hour from florence. I am a designer, pregnant, with buddhist tendencies and have a huge appetite for anything cake-like. Look foward to your future entries!

  16. nihal says:

    Hi Yael,I was reading your post left in Expats in Italy about AU Pair wanted in Abruzzo.I am interested in this Ads. Hopefully it is still an empty position. Pls inform me about the details before its too late because august coming very soon.My e-mail is ayathekla@yahoo.comPS I am fluent in a few languages eng/italian/french/japanese.Looking forward to hear back from you,CiaCiao a presto,Nihal

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