the post formally known as ‘wow even in Italy SKY have great customer service’

Having finally given in and ordered SKY (hey Eastenders twice a week) I braced myself for the inevitable ‘Italian’ 6 week delay for the engineer to call.
Imagine my surprise when 24 hours after signing up he called to say he’d be round on Monday at 9:20 to fit my new dish. Imagine my even greater surprise when he actually turned up on Monday at 9:20 with a dish and a box.
So now I’m sitting typing this whilst watching Sky, right?


When he arrived on MONDAY at 9:20 he didn’t have the right ‘bit’ to fit the dish to the balcony. Please consider that every house in Italy (almost) has a flaming balcony and guess where their satellite dishes are? Yes, correct, on the balcony.
‘Not to worry, I’ll just pop and get one’ he said ‘I’ll be back after lunch’
He didn’t specify which lunch he meant and apparently it wasn’t Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday lunch.

Now of course if one was in London, one would just pick up the phone, dial the SKY help desk and scream ‘WHERE’S MY FUCKING ENGINEER WITH THE FUCKING BALCONY BIT?’ and before you knew it he’d be there, tail (or bit) between his legs.
But this isn’t London this is ITALY. Here nobody answers the phone on help desks, they’re at lunch, or out smoking a fag, or busy necking in their car. And here nobody gets wound up when their non-specific workman fails to show, if they did they’d all be dead of high blood pressure by 30, despite the olive oil.

So in the style of the natives I have just been shrugging my shoulders and saying that’s cool, no SKY no problem, where’s the problem?
Until today.
Oh yes he called today.
‘hey there it’s me SKY guy’ he said ‘I’ve managed to get that bit and I’ll be round at 5, see you real soon, bet you’re looking forward to watching some great TV, well wont be long now’

I know you know what’s coming.
You know he didn’t show don’t you?
In fact you knew he wasn’t going to show even before he rang didn’t you?
I on the other hand let that BLEEPING BLEEP BLEEP BLEEPER trick me once again. Mannaggia!


It’s Saturday and he’s just called to say he’s coming at 14:30. At this point the odds of him actually turning up are about even. Stef says if he doesn’t come he’ll hunt the bleeder down and mount him to the balcony. With or without a bracket.


9 thoughts on “the post formally known as ‘wow even in Italy SKY have great customer service’

  1. Delina says:

    Sky went smoothly for us becasue the previous tennants had left the bracket on the balcony, so it was just a case of fixing the dish to it. Anyway, hope you get it sorted soon, Eastenders ahoy!

  2. J.Doe says:

    Customer Service is not exactly at a high in Italy (to be polite) It downright stinks. I hope you don’t have to wait months for SKY.

  3. Autumn says:

    This reminds me of getting my dish installed at my new apartment. My last apartment had a dish and there were a few wiring problems so I called this little old man from down the street. He seemed to figure out right away and i was hooked up with SKY.This time I needed a dish so I called him again. It took him 4 visits to get the damned thing right!!! And on his last visit when he was leaving he insisted on a hug and kiss on the cheek! Just another old italian pervert…I can’t seem to get away from them!

  4. Anonymous says:

    customer service does NOT exist in italy, those of us who’ve lived here long enough know that. how infuriating!!!! make sure you’re not paying for the service while you have no dish.

  5. Cath says:

    And that’s why we didn’t get the Sky engineer to install our Sky dish! BTW Eastenders is on at really annoying times now but the Lifestyle programmes are horribly addictive (does anybody actually like what they do in Changing Rooms?)

  6. Elle says:

    I *so* feel your pain!

  7. Elle says:

    Oh and another thing, is this Italian SKY with a normal sized dish or UK Sky with a HUUUUGE dish?Sorry to ask, but I’m already thinking of getting Sky – If it is Italian Sky what kind of English programmes can you get on it?

  8. Yael says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone, sounds like this is just another of those Italian rites of passage.Elle, its just the normal Italian sky with a small dish and there are loads of English language programmes. BUT be warned its seriously addictive ,although my problem could be due to the fact that I havent watched TV in English for 4 years.

  9. I would rather live in Italy however … I get Eastenders 4 nights a week AND I think we’re up with England, writes the Kiwi expat living in Belgium ;)I got addicted to EE in Istanbul, where it also screened regularly thanks to the gods of BBC – hooray for the openmindedness of Turkish TV. All expats got addicted to it … even growly Scottish bloke who didn’t watch that kind of thing.Anyway, glad your Sky bloke arrived in the next post. Happy viewing

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