100th post

I have sod all to say this week so here’s something to look at until I find my edge.

The latest in a long line of chocolate cakes


10 thoughts on “100th post

  1. Annika says:

    I thought you were sick of chocolate cakes? 😉

  2. Yael says:

    No, not sick of you just having a bad couple of weeks! Yes, sick of chocolate cakes but this one was orange flavoured so slighty more interesting…

  3. I love it! When are you going to open your bakery?

  4. em says:

    so flipping cute it makes my tummy ache! can you eat the spidey?

  5. Yael says:

    I’m begining to go off the idea of a bakery, who wants to get up at 5am and bake cakes? Not me! Think I’m happy making a cake a week, might branch out and do a white chocolate one next time.Em, of course you can eat that spider dude he’s totally made of sugar…yum

  6. Yael says:

    Oh and Em haven’t you dropped yet? You must be about due, very excited for you x

  7. Kataroma says:

    Yu-um. I guess getting up at 5am would suck but maybe Pescara needs a non-Italian bakery. Here in Rome, there is this great bakery called Josephine’s which is (I think) American – they seem to be doing very well both with the expat and non expat crowd. Anyway they have all kinds of non-Italian treats like brownies, chocolate crackles (rice krispie treats I think they are in the US), baklava, layer cakes, cupcakes…mmmm….

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey, nice looking cake. Feelng inspired by all your baking antics I was inspired to make some gingerbread men with my twins – didn’t go too well when I found out I had no eggs half way through but managed to scrounge from the neighbours. Final result was several paraplegic gingerbread men with 3-8 eyes. Refering to an old dicussion about the Italian myth that you can’t touch water after eating or you’ll die – just comeback from holiday where this austrian bird had her breakfast and then went for a swim – well bugger me if the woman didn’t drop dead straight after. I’ve now got to start from scratch trying to disprove the theory again!

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