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Older but apparently not wiser

I remember this one time, when I was about 7, my parents took me to London. Whilst we were out sightseeing they let me eat my own weight in cachi (come on I was 7 what did I weigh like 4 kilos or something?) About an hour later I vomited over tower bridge (not for the last time in my life by the way) and complained of terrible stomach cramps. My father, ever the drama queen, insisted I be taken to hospital because I was ‘obviously suffering from appendicitis’ (obviously). The rest is a blur but as I still have an appendix I’m guessing it was the cachi.

You’d think I’d learn from this experience right? Erm sorry that would be a no. Today I’ve already consumed about 2 kilos. So bad is my addiction that earlier I literally sneaked down to the fruit and veg shop to top up on supplies and I’m currently lying to stef about how many I’ve eaten just in case he wont let me have any more. I’m probably going to manage to fit another in before bedtime….hang on though, what’s that, oh no help I think I’m beginning to feel a slight rumbling in my appendix. (roll your eyes please)


Wishfull thinking

You’ve got to admire the Italians for their optimism. This week I saw 2 workmen repainting the zebra crossing on a newly resurfaced road.

apparently preservativi doesn’t mean preservatives in Italian

I’m breaking my silence to tell you that this week we have been mostly eating conkers. They are actually quite nice especially with a glass of Novello, fresh wine that you have to drink now because, as I discovered much to everyones amusement, it doesn’t contain condoms.

100th post

I have sod all to say this week so here’s something to look at until I find my edge.

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