All about B Girl….

Her super new language skills get better everyday. Today she is mainly focussing on ‘bimbo’, not that kind of bimbo mother, it means baby boy in Italian. At this rate her first sentence could very well be ‘gucci bimbo’, work that one out.

She is going through a fingers stage, by which I mean she has her grubby little fingers in everything, including drawers. Usually you can tell when this happens by the loud wailing noise coming from the room she has managed to break into.

She is very into chocolate. There is nothing better than giving your baby chocolate and watching her fat little cheeks puff up with joy. I’m sure this against the rules of being a good mother but it’s just too difficult to resist. Anyway I’m aiming for a no-banned foods kind of house. I’m convinced this is a better route to a healthy attitude to food (after years of not being able to eat pork pies in the house and then stuffing myself with them the moment I left home).

She is just learning to climb, which is sweet and funny for about 5 seconds until you realise that wow, great, now she could crack her skull open at any moment.
In fact danger seems to be to a magnet for B Girl, paper clips and lighters are her number one choice of toy and if she’s silent for more than 1 minute you can bet that she’s trying to wedge her head into the kitchen cupboard which (oh you’re joking, shit no) she has just worked out how to open.

Awwww isn’t it lovely to watch your children growing up.
Hey do you mind? make some room people I’m having a bit of a magic moment here.


3 thoughts on “All about B Girl….

  1. denise says:

    awwwww, it just gets better and better doesnt it, or should that read more and more terrifying?

  2. Anonymous says:

    you just wait luv….Ha ha ha (like the count in Sesame street)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Heyc’mon admit it, what about the stolen bacon sandwiches, the pork crackling crisps, the prawns etc etc.There is NOTHING WRONG with chocolate, the only hazard is running out of it. Given the choice of chocolate or gin I would choose chocolate and you know how much I love my gin.She sounds adorable, we will get to meet herP.S. you sound like a great mumTrish

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