B Girl can now say "cuddle", "down", "gucci" and "karma karma karma karma karma karma chameleon"

So this is the first ever cake I have been paid to make and it’s shit.

I am unhappy for the following of reasons:

1) The top is rubbish, I messed up the icing and then had to re-cover the beautiful glass like surface with another layer of chocolate.
2) I am sick to death of making chocolate cakes.
3) The said Daria is two years old and her mother insisted on a dark chocolate cake?? Whatever.
4) This took me two cocking days and there’s 1/2 kilo of chocolate in that cake and how much do you think she’s paying for it? TWENTY EUROS.
I might as well be paying her to take it away. Actually, come to think of it, I probably am.
5) Stef is not speaking to me because he’s had to look after B Girl non-stop for two days.
6) B Girl is not speaking to me because she’s had to spend two days non-stop with Stef.
7) I am sick to death of making chocolate cakes.
8) I am sick to death of making chocolate cakes.

I’m now going to smoke a fag and then clean my house. Oh Joy.


5 thoughts on “B Girl can now say "cuddle", "down", "gucci" and "karma karma karma karma karma karma chameleon"

  1. Yael, a €20 cake does not fit the description you gave. Adjust the cake to the price charged! Anyway, compliments to the brilliant child, whose vocabulary is beginning to live up to her kissable cheeks.

  2. Carole B. says:

    I didn’t know you were a ‘fag hag’ (no disrespect intended… old London slang – ‘fag hag’ and/or ‘snout lout’!!!).I’ve got some Superking Lights up here if you want some (FREE – no charge)!!!! Not being a smoker any longer they’re of little or no use to me any more! Just let me know…..Give your ‘little sweetie pie’ a cuddle from me!

  3. mummy says:

    Consider the cake a loss leader, everyone who eats it will think it’s wonderful and want cakes – with cheaper ingredients of course!Obviously the two days B Girl and Daddy spent together have not been wasted with her new word power. In fact I can’t think of a life situation where you can’t use those words. And your house is sparkling – what a success story!mummy

  4. em says:

    gucci…without a doubt, this girl knows what’s important! ha!and i like the cake. who gives a crap if you messed up the lettering. the girl is 2, and it’s flippin’ chocolate! it looks amazing.But since you are sick of chocolate cakes, you can make mine however you like (you ARE making me one, right?)

  5. Tracie B. says:

    it’s gorgeous, if you ask me. which you didn’t, so go smoke that fag.

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