Black is back (or whack)…

This is just for you mummy!


12 thoughts on “Black is back (or whack)…

  1. Yael says:

    First, first! How desperate am I? I’m commenting on my own blog – sad.Just to say I have no idea why I look in shock on this picture. Perhaps it’s because I have 25 hours teaching this week, a birthday cake to make and a 70 page legal case on infringement of competition regulations to translate into Italian. Oh and did I mentioned I have a fully functioning walking talking toddler?

  2. Second, second….is there a picture? I don’t see anything 😦

  3. em says:

    oooo me likey. I just got hi-lites…out of boredom mostly, and now I hate them. Can’t wait to go back to my dark brown. You look molto italiano…you and B-Girl match! Beautiful ;)hmmm birthday cake? I predict some trashy confection pics coming soon! (and when I say trashy I mean “I want to lick my monitor”) hahahaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    I cant see it either…would I need to do the firefox thingy ? Or is it just password protedted…or that people with freckles can’t see it..or what? Yael? Are you even listening to me?…

  5. Annika says:

    You need to highlight the post… sorta… then you get to see her in all her black beauty. Yael, you look absolutely fabulous!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi,I love the black is back look. Hey your cheek bones look amazing, did B-Girl do that.LoveTrish

  7. Tracie B. says:

    not black, silly! CRACK. crack is wack.

  8. mummy says:

    Of course I am not the least bit biased,completely objectively, I think you look beautiful. Zonked, but beautiful, and thankfully I am out of my misey – your haircuts can never match the horror of my imagination. Can I see the cake now?

  9. Gia-Gina says:

    I love black hair and want to get mine darker after this summer in the sun, I see brown streaks in mine. Yours looks fantastic, love the layers too. The cakes look great, so do the little hearts. When the baby is born, I will binge on chocolate.

  10. avery says:

    ooooh! I LOVE the black hair. Very sultry very nice. Even with the look of shock on your face.

  11. Yael says:

    Can you see it yet girls? Maybe something I’ve done wrong…Annika… help?All – Thanks for the lovely comments. I like it a lot, the blonde was tired and now I get to wear all my punk clothes again :o)A.Trish – yes B Girl has sucked the fat right out of me, I’m crapping myself about what’s goping to happen when she weans…I’m going to have to give up food altogether…aghhhhh

  12. Where in Italy can one buy those things that look like mascara on steroids that allow temporary streaks in realish or fantasy colors? I miss them!For me the photos don’t show up when I fist see the page, but when I come back the next day, they appear. Post more often.

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