Royal icing sucks

OK cookies are off. Partly because every time I make a batch Stef eats them before I have chance to practice icing them, but mostly because I cannot do royal icing. It was driving me insane trying to cover those fucking cookies (believe me that word is in order here).
So I’ve now resorted to my original idea of petit fours, even though they said they didn’t want petit fours. I’ve taken an executive decision because I don’t believe anyone could say no to these…

Oh and Judith who said anything about intertwined initials? Thank god you’re not here putting your crazy ideas in their heads.


11 thoughts on “Royal icing sucks

  1. Annika says:

    they look great – and really good. If you have any to spare, send them my way! 🙂

  2. em says:

    okay that looks amazing. but actually I am commenting b/c I know that you teach english over there. Did you get certified, and if so, how? if you want drop me an email ( I need to pick someone’s brain. I’m sure you are busy cooking and being a mum…just when/if you get a chance! no biggie.

  3. Yum Yael!!!!! I will order some right now…or if you have any spares. If you come to visit in Milan I’ll take you to Chococult! Em, you may want to check out Expats in Italy for a lot of information about teaching english (I did, too. not certified)

  4. Yael says:

    Cheers girls, I worked hard on these but Em your so blase about my baking nowadays! I will send you an email asap

  5. Matrimonio: what could they be but intertwined?Even if not, you are still nuts!

  6. em says:

    thx ms adventures…I haven’t been on expats in a while. I actually sort of forgot about it! ha!yael…you’re right. I apologize. I am obviously quite ill with anxiety about finding work upon arrival. I just had another look at the yummy cakes…where are MY initials? I think you should spell out “D E A R E M C O M E E A T M E” and then I just MIGHT excape my anxiety! think about it…

  7. the petit fours are very cute, and if they decide against them, you can always send them up here to macerata :).-jackie

  8. Alex says:

    Hey girl, I just have discovered your blog. Is so funny. I love it. Keep your English sence of humor. Someone would say “what is with this F.. words all the time” but I know exactly where you coming from. After 14 years in Scotland and now 4 in the US I miss this kind of honest opinion and this PISS OFF attitude.:)))) Keep writing.

  9. anglital says:

    I. WANT. ‘EM. Are they made with N*****a? If, not , do you have any cake recipe for this jarred ambrosia? Had a N. cake a couple years ago but can’t find ’em anymore. I need a repeat prescription for the stuff. Diabetes is for the future.

  10. Yael says:

    anglital, No they are most certainly not made with nutella! Can you imagine the horror at the wedding if I turned up with 200 nutella buns! You are crazier than Judith.Can’t say I’ve ever come across a nutella cake but have you tried piadina (sic?)with nutella? It takes like 30 seconds to make and is like heaven on very thin bread…

  11. glittertip says:

    I love your blog and love the hearts too! Bring some to Rome….i’ve added your link to my list of favorites.keep up the good work, erica

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