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As promised

Words fail me


ahh life…

I’ve added a new feature (see column left). I thought I’d treat you to some philosophy and since everyone else uses those great quotes from learned people, that only leaves me with my own pearls of wisdom. Use them wisely.
It’s Optimistically called ‘my thought for the day’ but as you know with me it’s far more likely to be thought for the week (or even month if it’s really hot). Oh and I promise to update the beach picture today because I’m off there to watch the Italy vs Czech Republic game. Expect lots of pictures of men in tight swimwear.

How to look Italian on a moped…

my lovely moped

1) If it’s quicker, drive the wrong way down one way streets. (guilty)

2) Carry passengers on the back without a helmet if you’ve left the other one in the house. (guilty)

3) If you do wear a helmet, don’t fasten it because then you’ll look like you’re afraid to die. (not guilty)

4) Always drive on the outside of queueing traffic, thereby ensuring everyone turning onto the street nearly hits you. (guilty)

5) Park your moped wherever you like, e.g. on the pavement right outside someones front door, next to the cash machine so you can get cash whilst still seated or blocking the trolley park at the supermarket. (hmmm guilty to the cash machine)

6) Pay absolutely no attention to zebra crossings or traffic lights…they don’t apply to mopeds. (guilty on both counts)

7) Drive on pavements if you need/want to…you can slow down for old people and babies, but only if you feel like it. (Guilty, hangs head in shame)

Forza Italia

I’m just wondering if I can be arsed blogging about the world cup……nope

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