The most useful Italian phrase ever

Va bene kind of means good and I use it ALOT. However now I stop to think about it there’s a possibility I might be over using it.

For example this is me today:

Would you like a bag?
Yes, good.

Can I help you with the pushchair?
No, good.

and the baby? (I get asked this about 20 times a day)
yes, good

sorry there are no prawns left.
ok, good

Would you come to a mass on Sunday if it’s in English? (don’t even ask)
yes, good (truth – no, good)

How are you?
good, good

It occurs to me that I’ve become that idiotic foreigner who says please thank you when they just mean please


…va bene


7 thoughts on “The most useful Italian phrase ever

  1. Annika says:

    Ribbons tied around your ankles? Non va bene! At least not unless you’re 180 cm and weighing 50 kg. Anyone shorter and fatter than that will look like they have dachshound legs and like they are extremely overweight. The socks – va bene. Shoes, va bene. Although I guess it should be ‘vanno bene’ in both cases.

  2. Cynthia Rae says:

    This made me laugh. I do the same! I have also turned into the foreigner who just smiles and nods when unable to understand what has been said. Oh well, va bene!Cyn

  3. I use ‘va bene’ a lot too, especially when i can’t understand what the other person is saying (although for some idiotic reason, i typically just nod and say ‘si!’ no matter what they say–did that woman just ask me to buy her car off of her? ‘si!’). the world of italian….cute post!

  4. I am a total “si” and “va bene” abuser. I use va bene like I would use “i’m fine, it’s fine, i’m ok, that’s ok, etc. I use si like I use “yea”. yea, yea, gotcha, i get it, oh yea.. hehe Some things just don’t work the same in italian as they do in english. Like, when I want to say “oh that is cool or pretty or hot.” But, italian does have some gerat terms for things, that we don’t have, like Buon Lavoro, or il blocco. hehe

  5. Tracie B. says:

    non ti preoccupare, va tutto bene :)if we abuse a phrase, it’s only because we’ve learned from the italian. so there.i’m so glad to see you posting more! we love your sense of humor šŸ˜‰

  6. Yael says:

    Thank heavens I’m not the only one!and Annika, who said fashion was supposed to look good? It’s just supposed to look now šŸ˜‰

  7. NiHao says:

    Seems a bit like “Cheers” in England/Ireland. Would you like another pint? Cheers! Would you like a taxi home? Cheers! Would you like to stop singing inappropriate pub songs near my grandmother? Cheers!

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