Yorkshire girls shouldn’t try American recipes whilst living in Italy

Curse you Cynthia, you and your Rice Krispie treat post. Since I read it I’ve been wanting to make these and tonight I finally got round to it.

Oh my god what the hell is that crazy stuff? Ok so they’re not Rice Krispies, I had to use Cheerios instead. And yes the marshmallows were pink and blue so the colour’s a bit whack…but hello it’s been in the fridge for 3 hours and it’s like space glue or something.
We’re still eating it though, Stef’s been wandering round with it stuck to his fingers mumbling “Yael how can this taste good” and “does it wash off?”


7 thoughts on “Yorkshire girls shouldn’t try American recipes whilst living in Italy

  1. Annika says:

    Eeeww!!! It looks like… like… brains!

  2. Cynthia Rae says:

    You made me laugh today Yale and believe me, I have needing a good laugh.I have had these treats come out like yours and also rock hard. Some how they always taste wonderful.Good luck eating your krispy treats. Try rubbing a little butter on your hands when you eat them. This will keep them from sticking to ya.Cyn

  3. Tracie B. says:

    hey cyn, it’ll also keep her thighs from getting too skinny 😉

  4. It look gooey, sticky but oh so yummy! I love rice krispy treats but hate the hell out of making them!

  5. Yael says:

    Tracie – actually it looks a bit like my thighs…Cyn – hope you’re joking about the butter…crazy Americans…PC – strangely it did taste great!

  6. Gia-Gina says:

    You have to get the mass really dryish and then speard it with a buttered spatula into a buttered dish, then it is great!

  7. I’m probably one of the few Americans who has never made rice krispie treats, but they look about right in the picture…I know, scary huh? :)-Jackie

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