No I didn’t get an egg…again (rolls eyes)

This rather frightening specimen is a Pupa. It’s a cake given to children in Abruzzo at Easter, girls get a pupa, boys get a horse. Look closely and you can see ‘she’ has a real egg in her ‘hands’. This one is B Girl’s from her Nonni (grandparents).

This is B Girls Easter egg from her bis nonna (great grandma). Easter eggs are so beautiful here, miles apart from their English counterparts. The little doll was wrapped around it with ribbon and inside was a tiny pearl (real!) for a necklace.
The chocolate is incredible as well and (not that I want to appear to be banging on about it) since I didn’t get an Easter egg (again), I’ve eaten half of it, sorry B Girl.


3 thoughts on “No I didn’t get an egg…again (rolls eyes)

  1. Tracie B. says:

    me either, at least not dark chocolate…all latte. latte latte latte.

  2. nikinpos says:

    egg? wassat? I didn’t get one either, nor did Skye from her nonni…but the man at the petrol station gave her a little Agip sponsored box of Lindt eggs!

  3. Annika says:

    Uhm, Yael, sorry about the whole blog moving thing and everything, but now that you’ve found me again ;), wouldn’t you consider editing your link to my blog? The URL is – but then again you already know that, right? *feeling ashamed, hiding in a corner*

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