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Eyes right…

I’ve had it struggling to cook great meals, then waiting twenty minutes to eat while I take great photos of my great meals. From now on in the latest disaster in my kitchen you’re going to get raw photos of the slop that I turn out on a daily basis. Don’t worry if there’s any great cooking going on you’ll be the first to know in a special post.

Do you feel the need to know what’s hot at the moment? See Fashion Fire to see what’s de rigeur in my teeny weeny little world. Hell if you’re feeling crazy rich buy it for me.

And just because I’m like that, I’ve also very kindly put some more educational stuff on for you. You know like books, news and weather and stuff, cos I don’t want to be accused of dumbing down.

I say blah to google ads, long live the advert free side bar.


HTML by me, Inspiration by Annika

Oh my gawd, I’m like so like Madonna. Re-inventing my blogself just before y’all get tired of the old one.
Hope you’re feeling the new three column look, I like to think of it as the blog equivalent of a shiny 80s leotard and half mast American tan tights…

Yorkshire girls shouldn’t try American recipes whilst living in Italy

Curse you Cynthia, you and your Rice Krispie treat post. Since I read it I’ve been wanting to make these and tonight I finally got round to it.

Oh my god what the hell is that crazy stuff? Ok so they’re not Rice Krispies, I had to use Cheerios instead. And yes the marshmallows were pink and blue so the colour’s a bit whack…but hello it’s been in the fridge for 3 hours and it’s like space glue or something.
We’re still eating it though, Stef’s been wandering round with it stuck to his fingers mumbling “Yael how can this taste good” and “does it wash off?”

No I didn’t get an egg…again (rolls eyes)

This rather frightening specimen is a Pupa. It’s a cake given to children in Abruzzo at Easter, girls get a pupa, boys get a horse. Look closely and you can see ‘she’ has a real egg in her ‘hands’. This one is B Girl’s from her Nonni (grandparents).

This is B Girls Easter egg from her bis nonna (great grandma). Easter eggs are so beautiful here, miles apart from their English counterparts. The little doll was wrapped around it with ribbon and inside was a tiny pearl (real!) for a necklace.
The chocolate is incredible as well and (not that I want to appear to be banging on about it) since I didn’t get an Easter egg (again), I’ve eaten half of it, sorry B Girl.

When good haircuts go bad…

You know that thing when you get a fabulous haircut and the first time you wash it yourself it looks pants? Well me being the clever arse I am, decided to circumvent this nightmare by having my hair professionally blow dried (a piega, if you’re ever in Italy and need a blow dry).

And does it matter that my regular hairdresser (I am not worthy) is fully booked? I mean it’s only a blow dry right? Hell I’ll chance it and go to the ‘butcher’ (so named after cutting stef’s hair just the once) surely even he can’t fuck up the ‘cut of cut’s’ soley with a hairdryer?
So in I went, maybe when he told me it was only €7 I should have known, but, alas English fool that I am, I just rubbed my hands with glee at the bargain I was about to receive.

Ok y’all know it was bad, so bad that I ain’t fool enough to be posting a picture. Lets just say…think pineapples, think palm trees, think really really bad mullets.

So instead here’s a picture of Lila who, in my opinion, has really really good hair.

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