Ah life

So many un-answered questions…

Can ice skaters actually hear the music they ‘dance’ to? If so why are they ‘dancing’ to a completely different piece of music?

Why do shops never stamp the guarantee card in your mobile phone box? I’m guessing it’s so that when your mobile phone breaks you have to go to the shop, who send you to the service centre, who send ya right back to the shop to GET the GUARANTEE CARD STAMPED.

Why do babies shit 30 seconds after you have put on the clean nappy?

Why is it OK for the woman across the hall to leave her smelly bin bag outside the door because she pays someone to collect it (noisily at 3 in the flaming morning) and I can’t do the same because Stef takes mine down?

One of those days I’m afraid.


5 thoughts on “Ah life

  1. Tracie B. says:

    i don’t know. i’m sorry, i am useless…it’s best that you know now.

  2. I guess you watched the world figure skating championship too? What is up with that? And can we discuss the makeup on some of those girls, not to mention the costumes. They must hate the perfectly coiffed and dressed Americans (and some Japanese, canadians, and italians) but man, some of those girls – hookers on ice.

  3. Typesetter says:

    “Hookers on ice” could be a title of a show. a mucy better one than “holiday on ice”, in my humblest opinion.

  4. Yael says:

    Ok like I’m not saying that I actually understand Ice skating but I thought the American girl, who won, was very good. BUT let’s be honest even she looked rank and I’m not even starting on that Canadian girl/boy skater with the super size neck. God I’m such a beyatch oggi!

  5. You think? I thought Kimmy Miesner looked cute. She is not a particularly pretty girl, I think she is cute, and looked very polished. Sasha Cohen is adorable. I must have missed the huge necked couple. haha

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