rabbia di la strada

Today I had a very close brush with a very angry motorist.
I’ll be honest I wasn’t having a brilliant day, school, students and B Girl had already been getting on my tits.

I was about to stop to get petrol when this guy started blowing his horn behind me on my moped. Normally in Italy you just ignore this since it happens like what? every 3 minutes… but this time I turned around and gave him the finger.
He then proceeded (are you getting this down officer?) to follow me into the petrol station, where he got out of his car, stormed over to me, very red faced, and shouted (in Italian)
‘what did that gesture mean?’
at this point I couldn’t help myself
‘it means swivel’ I shouted back in English,
(his face got redder),
‘cosa?’ he shouted (what in Italian)
‘don’t you speak English?’ I politely asked
‘cosa?’ (face now blue and teeth bared)
‘sorry if you want to shout at me you’ll have to do it in English, I don’t speak Italian’
he then took his sorry ass back to his car since it was clear that either he would have to punch me or let it go. I’m soooo lucky he didn’t punch me!
Oh and did I mention he was wearing a toweling headband…


4 thoughts on “rabbia di la strada

  1. Tracie B. says:

    is it possible that “the finger” isn’t understood in all languages?maybe his headband was too tight.

  2. ~Sparrow says:

    Ahhhh reminds me of my first day on a moped trying to swirve my way through a traffic jam in Rome near Piazza Flaminio. As a gal who learned how to drive on gravel roads in Tennessee, I was scared out of my mind and must have had ten horn honks and people screaming I wasn’t weaving properly. Finally I just pretended I was a car!I think next time I will try your approach as it least gives you the last laugh. Good one.

  3. em says:

    I’ almost peed myself reading your post. (but I am peeing like every half hour so it could be a combo of wit and preggers)i’ll have to remember the English trick. i’m such a woose though. I’d probably never have the guts to flip someone the bird unless I was in a darkly tented car, and will a large male. someday, emily, someday.

  4. nikinpos says:

    Good on you-though always beware that 1 of them might speak english. When I was at school we did the play hiawatha, and there were some ‘red indian’songs that we had to learn. For some reanon I still remember them and they come in REALLY useful when you want to scream at someone or scare someone off..something like “og i wog man win eh mushi nana weh beh mo sini sweh”…think I’m mad? At least it works!

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