Domestic Goddess

Why bother buying teething biscuits when you can rustle up your own at home?

That’s why.


5 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just read your reply to ‘having a baby in Italy’ on expats, how bad was it for you? I had a bad time too in Naples- it was like something from 80 years ago, no curtains round the beds in the ward, no one allowed in with me while she was born, and not seeing her until the next morning-nightmare!! nicki

  2. Typesetter says:

    Nicki, I am not commeting about nobody being allowed in with you or the fact that you coldn’t be with the baby until the morning. That is quite relative to the specific hospital you are in, besides I never had nor plan to have babies. Yet, the curtains aren’t present in any Italian hospitals. We Italians shave probably a different perception of “modesty” and are not bothered by the sight of other’s people bodies in a medical environment. On the other hand, it happens pretty often to be shown semi-healed wounds or old scars by aquaintences (sp?). It’s just normal. We talk about our health a lot, and in detail, and are all but timid when it’s time to show some medal, like the scar from a c-section, for instance. Therefore, no curtains!

  3. Tracie B. says:

    nicki, was your husband allowed in?

  4. Yael says:

    Nicki, just like yours, stef was allowed in because I didn’t speak much Italian but everything else sounds frighteningly similar. Oh and don’t forget the practically dry shave in the styrups (sic?), no showers or baths in the hospital, being kept there for three days against my will after a normal delivery and the general state of the place (filthy and covered in graffiti). I have to say the worse thing was not seeing her for 8 hours (next morning – like you).It broke my heart, I still feel like I let her down and I will never forgive myself for not insisting they bring her right back :o(

  5. nikinpos says:

    Ok, Typesetter,but I being an English prude I DO object to the Doctor wanting to check my private parts while the husband and brothers of the girl in the next bed are sitting there watching? Is that normal?Are Italians that immodest?No, Carlo was made to wait outside.

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