The Silver Spoon

I bet you thought I just sat around on my arse all day watching B Girl (the pink thing is getting tedious) playing in her box. Well I’ll have you know I often whip up something special for Stef’s tea and since my new cookbook has arrived I thought I’d treat him to some good old fashioned Italian cooking. See before and after photos of my first pizza, it looked good and it tasted good, I am very pleased with myself.
As if that wasn’t enough high carb tom foolery for one day, I also knocked up a batch of doughnuts (see below). Now you might look at the photo and say ‘my god has she lost her freakin’ mind, how much sugar do you need on a flipping doughnut’ but let me assure you that’s exactly the right amount of sugar for a doughnut.


3 thoughts on “The Silver Spoon

  1. Tracie B. says:


  2. Typesetter says:

    Could you please e-mail me one of those doughnuts? i tried scraping one off my monitor, but didn’t succeed. Not even liking the screen produced anything.

  3. Yael says:

    Of course I’d try to send you both one but they were gone within 10 minutes of being made.

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