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Today was carnival. There were some incredibly cute kids in their little costumes, but the buggers run too fast to photograph, so you’ll have to make do with these pictures of the slower old people.

As usual in Italy, even in fancy dress the women dress look glam…

…as do the men sometimes…

…however the same cannot be said for these next two.

See you don’t have to go to Venice, it’s all here in Pescara. Peace and carnival love to all.


The Silver Spoon

I bet you thought I just sat around on my arse all day watching B Girl (the pink thing is getting tedious) playing in her box. Well I’ll have you know I often whip up something special for Stef’s tea and since my new cookbook has arrived I thought I’d treat him to some good old fashioned Italian cooking. See before and after photos of my first pizza, it looked good and it tasted good, I am very pleased with myself.
As if that wasn’t enough high carb tom foolery for one day, I also knocked up a batch of doughnuts (see below). Now you might look at the photo and say ‘my god has she lost her freakin’ mind, how much sugar do you need on a flipping doughnut’ but let me assure you that’s exactly the right amount of sugar for a doughnut.

I was so lying about the gin & tonic

It’s been a great couple of days. B Girl has chilled right out, no more whinging, scratching, crying or screaming. Yesterday she played for half an hour alone in her cot.

As you can see she was very busy working out how to use her baby phone, probably trying to call grandma (my mum) who visited last week from Taiwan. Oh how she loved grandma, we couldn’t believe how everytime she walked into the room B Girl’s face lit up. Now grandma has gone we are keeping her spirit alive by singing ‘her’ songs. Our favourite is the following, maybe because it horrifies daddy (mummy and B girl snigger)

sung to the tune of She’ll be Coming Round the Mountains
Yae canny push yer granny off the bus
no yae canny push yer granny off the bus
yae can push yer other granny, cos she’s yer daddy’s mammy
but yae canny push yer granny off the bus

Do you see now where I get it from?

and I’m feeling very sick and ill today…

oh for goodness sake today it’s the runs. I mean as if we haven’t had enough crap (coughs) to deal with in the last week.

Following closely on the heals of the poke in the eye incident, B Girl had roseola (like measles without the scratching). I assume this only affects Italian babies since nobody else I speak to has ever heard of it let alone had it. Perhaps it’s one of those strange Italian illnesses like the cold you catch from the hot wind or the stomach pains that cause death by swimming after a mars bar.

Then came the unexplained itchy eye that woke her (and us) up in the middle of the night. Of course this caused hysteria amongst B Girl’s famiglia, it must be some kind of ‘allergia’ they cried in between mouthfulls of pasta.

Anyway I will not be undone by this latest problem, in fact I just read on the internet that gin & tonic is an excellent cure for the squits, so I am forcing one down as I type and believe me I am not afraid to have another one if I have to.

Can’t talk now…

…my mum’s here so not much time to post.

but interesting things that have happened this week so far…

B Girl poked me in the eye, resulting in a visit to pronto scorso (accident and emergency) and a very swollen eye – cheers B Girl

We all have a cold, well Stef has Influenza because he’s a man and an Italian, the rest of us just have old fashioned colds.

We are currently arguing about whether the French word for woman is femme or famme. It’s so femme (isn’t it?)

We’re all enjoying a lovely family reunion, my mum’s babysitting while I stuff myself with Cadburys cream eggs, no complaints here.


At last I have 3 whole hours to myself, B Girl has been kidnapped by the Nonni, Stef is at the ‘studio’ recording (rolls eyes) and I have the whole flat to myself – TO CLEAN.
Yes while everyone else is off enjoying themselves I am learning the true meaning of motherhood, when the kid is out it’s not freetime it’s housework time.

In a not all together unrelated topic Stef has again commented on my blogging style by suggesting I write a book of complaints…I’m not sure how to take this? Is he suggesting I’m a whinger? Anyway I don’t have time to contemplate this right now I HAVE FLOORS TO SCRUB

Writers block

I haven’t posted for a week, I have 10 drafts waiting, none of which is fit to publish and I’m slightly concerned about the impact of this on my life.

For example earlier tonight, so I’d have something to talk about, Stef kindly offered to eat a slice of meat that had been in the fridge for 2 weeks.
Now I would have gone along with this but it contravenes the strict food hygiene regulations I have imposed on his Italian ass!

Still all’s well that ends well, the meat’s in the bin, Stef doesn’t have salmonella and the post drought has broken – hurrah

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