‘I’m going to make you a lovely lasagne tonight’

‘stef get us a box of lasagne’
‘a what?’
‘a box of lasagne’
‘what are you talking about?’
‘stef stop messing around go to the pasta aisle and get me a box of lasagne’
‘yael, I have no idea what you want, there’s no such thing’
‘oh for gods sake Stefano, you’re really trying my patience today, I’ll get the flaming stuff myself’ …storms off moodily to pasta aisle…

Note to non-Italians, there is no such thing as a box of lasagne, to make the dish ‘lasagne’ you use pasta sfoglia, which funnily enough is in the fridge and does not come dried in a box…shame


4 thoughts on “‘I’m going to make you a lovely lasagne tonight’

  1. You use pasta sfoglia for lasagna??? I use the lasagna noodles that only take 20 minutes to cook, and don’t need to be pre-cooked – found in the pasta aisle. I can’t imagine using pasta sfoglia… that is what I use for quiche and other pie crust type dishes. How do you make your lasagna? Sara

  2. Yael says:

    Now I’m totally confused! But I know what you mean, you’re talking about the pastry stuff that comes ready made. I think sfoglia just means sheet so perhaps there are two kinds of pasta sfoglia, the pasta kind and the pastry (also called pasta) kind??? In the UK we buy ‘lasagne’ dried in boxes apparently in Italy (at least in Pescara)it only comes fresh.

  3. who knows…those crazy italians. haha You can probably find the easy noodles in the larger grocery stores..?I made a lasagna yesterday, you got me in the mood for it. haha I just remembered on my blog I have a pic of the noodles. Go to the post on:Sunday, October 02, 2005 if you want to see what they look like here.

  4. Yael says:

    I’d believe anything now I know they only have one word for fingers and toes – I mean how does that work?You’re Lasagne looks terrific by the way!

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