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Meet Stef’s uncle!

This is Ennio Flaiano (he wrote La Dolce Vita dontcha know) Stef’s second uncle, twice removed, third door on the left – you know the drill.
I blame Ennio for Stef’s nose, dodgy moustache and delusion that being a writer is a ‘proper’ job.
This bust (well torso) is in the old town just around the corner and of course when anybody visits I always make Stef stand next to him so they can see the family resemblance. I think he’s actually quite cute, don’t you?


The Box

In other news today the baby prison has finally arrived (yipee). Now I know this particular piece of baby equipment is a bit politically incorrect but I need at least 10 mins a day when I don’t have to watch B Girl’s every move, so I’m afraid it’s here to stay.
Of course she loves it for exactly 8 minutes and then wails like a banshee until I rescue her. I really don’t know what her problem is, I would love to sit in a big box filled with my toys, you’d never get me out of there, sometimes she is so cocking ungrateful.

New look blog

I’m so sick of pink, pink is the new blah!
Today I am zen, I am minimalist, even if my house is a mess my blog is clean and tidy.
By the way that’s not me in my profile pic but hasn’t she got a lovely back? whoever she is…

edit. changed the profile photo, ah yes that’s better, that’s deffo me I’d recognise that nose anywhere…

my school kids

These are some of my students in a class I teach once a week at a local school.
See how utterly thrilled they are at getting to play yet another one of my ‘games’ ?
…and these are the ones who like me, take a look at the other half, I think they’d rather be scrubing the loos than listening to me drone on about past participles…bless ’em

Osso Bucco

This is what we had for our tea tonight! Yummy! This is not the actual real one, we ate that before I could whip out the camera, but it’s almost identical!

Stef’s dad helped me cook it and yes at times I was close to throttling him, especially when he was instructing me how to brown onions.

I have no idea what animal this comes from, I’m guessing veal because we eat a lot of veal here, but I do have a sneaky feeling that this might be a slice of the poor little bugger’s leg!

I know what you’re thinking ‘hey that’s chocolate!’
That’s what I thought too – see how I’m stuffing it in my own mouth?
In fact it’s pureed prune, oh and see that stuff on my shirt? That’s pasta.

‘I’m going to make you a lovely lasagne tonight’

‘stef get us a box of lasagne’
‘a what?’
‘a box of lasagne’
‘what are you talking about?’
‘stef stop messing around go to the pasta aisle and get me a box of lasagne’
‘yael, I have no idea what you want, there’s no such thing’
‘oh for gods sake Stefano, you’re really trying my patience today, I’ll get the flaming stuff myself’ …storms off moodily to pasta aisle…

Note to non-Italians, there is no such thing as a box of lasagne, to make the dish ‘lasagne’ you use pasta sfoglia, which funnily enough is in the fridge and does not come dried in a box…shame

Check out the dates of this electricity bill

‘Clearly there has been some mistake’ I hear you say. Apparently not, we really do owe Enel 625.61 euros. Sorry I am so staggered by this news that I am unable to write anything else…

Is anyone else craving eggs today?

This is the view from the study window… I know it’s a bit industrial and it doesn’t look much like the pretty Italy on other blogs, but have you seen the size of that bloody mountain?

a bit cross

Would you adam and bloody eve it, the cocking iron does not cocking WORK!!!! I have had it with Ferri, everything I buy from them is buggered up in some way. I paid top whack for that Iron and I was promised 85grammes of steam shot and I want it, do you hear me I WANT MY BLOODY STEAM SHOT…

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