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Baby Girl – Well I’m massive now so she must be getting on in size, she kicks about 20 times a day. Have started to make a list of ‘stuff’ that babies need and it is bloody endless. New belly photo coming up soon….

Weather – WOW March here is like July in Yorkshire, all of a sudden the weather has gone from blah to yippee and I for one am dressing appropriately. I already have me boobtube dresses out despite the fact most Italians are still in Jumpers and thermal vests (that would be stefo).

Food – Nipple cakes which are like bun doughnuts with custard in and a cherry on the top (just had two for breakfast mmmmmmm). Pecorino Toscano, sheeps cheese which makes very good cheese on toast with a slight aftertaste of lamb…
English food news…………The local supermarket sells mcvities digestives with or without chocolate, you can buy quaker porridge oats, corned beef and peanut butter at the local Chinese shop and best of all one of my students has brought me back a huge bar of diary milk chocolate from his trip to London, which I will be eating at a rate of one piece a day until I can’t stand it any longer and shove the whole bar in at once.

Work is great at the moment, I have had 15 lessons cancelled this week, so I have basically been lying around all day doing bugger all. Of course it would be heaps better if there was Trisha on the telly to watch but I make do with some Italian show where the guests scream at each other and wave their hands around for two hours, It’s exactly the same as trisha but the clothes are better.
All my students at one of my companies have passed their mock exams, I think they are all just really good at English but of course I will be taking every last bit of credit I can get for this.
Well mustn’t waste this sunny day, I’m off for a walk to the beach, I wonder if 11 oclock is too early for ice cream??


Hells bells

Baby Girl – Very lazy has kicked like three times in two days
Weather – Wouldn’t know too busy inside teaching
Food – No kidney beans so having to have borlotti beans in tonight’s chilli, very poor

Not sure if you’re getting this but I’m having a right bugger of a day. Everything is going wrong. Mobile phone is up the bloody spout, so in danger of loosing all my numbers and photos. I HATE technology it is bloody rubbish.
Last night I went to see the English movie and discovered that Italians believe that when the actors on the screen aren’t talking it’s the audiences turn.

Well off now, I’m trying to persuade Stefo to go out and get me some ice cream, you know like those commercials where the pregnant girl’s boyfriend does anything she asks because she’s having his baby and anyway the ice cream is not really for her it’s for his baby, she needs it to make like eyelashes or something…

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