She’s a girl, she’s a girl, she’s a girl

Baby – It’s a girl yippee
Weather – yeah whatever
Food – Fishfingers mmmmmmmmm

Think Stefo is a bit worried that my blog is turning a wee bit anti-italian so to redress the balance here are some things which I like about Italy

They have petrol pump attendants so you don’t have to get out of your car
The bar will bring you your coffee at work on a little tray with a cake
MTV is free
You can get a cut, colour and blow dry for £20, it takes 30 mins and no matter where you go it looks like Vidal Sassoon did it
A triple gin and tonic is £3.00 and a packet of fags costs £2.00 (obviously of no consequence to me at the moment)
In the summer the boys look scrummy in their little swimming pants
An ice cream is like a full dinner
When Italians say ciao you dont think ‘wanker’

Thats all I can think of today


2 thoughts on “She’s a girl, she’s a girl, she’s a girl

  1. denise says:

    weeeheeeeeewoooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah

  2. YippeeeAnother strong woman. I am thrilled, your Mum alias Kate will be over the moon. Well done Steph!!Love youTrish

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