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We went shopping on Saturday and Stefo bought the baby the cutest little pink babygrow, as you can see he is very pleased with himself – awww bless.  Posted by Hello


A very dull week…

Baby girl – is kicking every night from about 9 till midnight
Weather – I am sure this has been the coldest day of my life so far
Food – Stefo is back and has made some lovely teas, yummy

Stop press…Exciting local news, the cinema is having an English film festival (yes whole films in English) so we were all very very excited last week to be going to see Vera Drake. Then right at the last minute it was cancelled because – get this – the film hadn’t arrived. I give up, honestly it’s like living in the bloody dark ages…

You have a really fat face

Baby – if you were really lucky you could put your hand on my stomach and she might give ya a little kick.
Weather – blahhh
Food – I love sugar, sugar is lovely, all food should be made of sugar. (or cheese)

I had lunch with the inlaws today, it was bloody hilarious. Stefo is still away so it was just me and them and the language barrier.
I have no idea what was going on.
Problem is I get over excited and a bit carried away with myself and my Italian gets a bit manic. In fact when I got home I realised I’d been saying you have instead of I have all afternoon and strangely it didn’t seem to effect what we were talking about.
Now what can I eat…

She’s a girl, she’s a girl, she’s a girl

Baby – It’s a girl yippee
Weather – yeah whatever
Food – Fishfingers mmmmmmmmm

Think Stefo is a bit worried that my blog is turning a wee bit anti-italian so to redress the balance here are some things which I like about Italy

They have petrol pump attendants so you don’t have to get out of your car
The bar will bring you your coffee at work on a little tray with a cake
MTV is free
You can get a cut, colour and blow dry for £20, it takes 30 mins and no matter where you go it looks like Vidal Sassoon did it
A triple gin and tonic is £3.00 and a packet of fags costs £2.00 (obviously of no consequence to me at the moment)
In the summer the boys look scrummy in their little swimming pants
An ice cream is like a full dinner
When Italians say ciao you dont think ‘wanker’

Thats all I can think of today

ok you can’t actually see the bump on the other pics – but my hair looked good… Posted by Hello

can you see it yet?? Posted by Hello

here you go – a picture of my huge belly (taken in the dark) Posted by Hello

eat curry at my house with these lovely people Posted by Hello

ooh ooh I had a mullet by mito – simple the best (!)

Weather – Spring has just about sprung

Baby – belly has doubled in size in the last week

Food – Currently am only able to eat cheese

Stupid, stupid idiot yesterday I weighed myself in the supermarket on the way in (I have gained 4.4 lbs/2 kilos in 2 weeks) and I then had to do the food shopping knowing that I was fat, going to get fatter and going to get a bollocking from my nazi doctor. I discovered that in the civilized world (the UK) they don’t weigh pregnant women anymore unless they are massively over or under weight. Why am I having this baby here? Can someone remind me please…

p.s. feta cheese rocks

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