Food I can’t/don’t want to/want to eat

Food I can’t eat

Proscuitto crudo


Salami (see also dwte/wte)

Undercooked eggs – including soft boiled, fried, scrambled, omlette, mayonaise (see also wte)

Peanut butter

Tuna fish (more than one can a week)

Food I dont want to eat

Octupus tentacles

Pigs leg


Italian Salami

Italian Sausages – excluding turkey, lamb and chicken but including all pork/swine products.

Proscuitto cotto – ate too much

Pizza from the bakers downstairs – lovely people but ate too much during morning sickness period

Food I want to eat

Gouda – cheddar substitute




Fish fingers

Fennel cotto – Nonna Bia style

Hungarian Salami (see also ce)


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