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working on monday up a mountain

Weather – sunny but cold

Baby – erm nowt new

Food – lovely lovely pastry and coffee for breakfast from the bar (will post picture soon), I would have this twice a day if I had the cheek to go in and ask for it, it is so lovely.

pasta imbottita for lunch, stefo’s mum made it, I told her about the frozen pizza incident and I don’t think she found it very funny…

I bloody hate mondays because you have to go to work, you can’t sit in front of the tele eating stuff all day and I anyway I just hate them.

I bloody hate working because it sucks that someone else gets to make you do stuff when you could be eating. I have to work four hours today and it’s just not bloody fair – I want to stay at home.

My Mums up a mountain somewhere and I have to work, why oh why oh why


Weather – Cold/wet

Baby – 18 weeks preggers today – yipee

Food I can’t/don’t want to/want to eat – Lovely ravioli today at Nonna bia’s – not the stuff out of a can!

Frozen pizza did not annoy stef, infact was much much better than Tesco’s. I have cleaned the house, it is so clean I dont want to move in case I mess it up.

Thanks to my bro – who is the best in the world ever (ever)- for the super cool pic of us with mum. See below.

Thin and drinking… Posted by Hello

Stupid things my doctor has said

You’re gaining weight too fast – are you eating enough pasta?

I can’t believe you don’t speak fluent Italian – the Chinese learn it a week after they arrive.

I’m not using a doppler its bad for the baby, so I’ll see you next week for your weekly scan.

Of course you can eat proscuitto (raw ham) and carpaccio (raw beef), you’re pregnant not sick.

Why do you want to see the hospital? I’ll be delivering the baby and I only work in one.

12 weeks and 2 days Posted by Hello

Food I can’t/don’t want to/want to eat

Food I can’t eat

Proscuitto crudo


Salami (see also dwte/wte)

Undercooked eggs – including soft boiled, fried, scrambled, omlette, mayonaise (see also wte)

Peanut butter

Tuna fish (more than one can a week)

Food I dont want to eat

Octupus tentacles

Pigs leg


Italian Salami

Italian Sausages – excluding turkey, lamb and chicken but including all pork/swine products.

Proscuitto cotto – ate too much

Pizza from the bakers downstairs – lovely people but ate too much during morning sickness period

Food I want to eat

Gouda – cheddar substitute




Fish fingers

Fennel cotto – Nonna Bia style

Hungarian Salami (see also ce)

First post

Weather – Errr Snowing, a lot

Baby – no movement yet today as of 6.30pm

Food I can’t/don’t want to/want to eat – Will usually update as post, but have included full starting list for this in next post.

Apparently I am in charge of dinner… Since I live in Italy now I did what any self respecting pregnant Italian woman would do in a blizzard, I went to the supermarket downstairs and bought a frozen pizza, it’s a Butoni, do you think that makes it ok? To be fair I’m guessing self respecting Italian women don’t buy frozen pizza, even if they’re pregnant and it’s snowing. But then who buys it? Non self respecting IW, oh well that’s alright then. I think I might have bought this on purpose to annoy Steffo, more later on whether it does annoy him and if Italian frozen pizzas are any better than Tesco’s.

I am also considering cleaning my house, I am normally overcome by a strange feeling of sleepiness whenever I have this thought but today the smell of cat shit in the kitchen is so overpowering that it’s keeping me awake.

This is especially alarming when you consider we don’t have a cat.

Unfortunately I have also managed to find cleaner which I like the smell of so I don’t even have that excuse anymore – which is poor – please email me suggestions for lies to self about not doing cleaning.

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